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Cannabis law in Phitsanulok (Thailand)

Cannabis law in Phitsanulok (Thailand)

In Thailand, cannabis was historically used for traditional medicine and textiles for centuries. However, during the 20th century, various international conventions influenced the country’s drug policies, leading to the criminalization of cannabis in the 1970s. Over time, societal attitudes toward cannabis began to change, and in recent years, the Thai government has taken steps to decriminalize and regulate its use for medical and research purposes.

Legalization for Medical Use: In 2018, Thailand took a significant step by legalizing medical cannabis. This allowed for the controlled use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes, provided that individuals and organizations follow the regulations set forth by the government.

The medical use of cannabis in Thailand requires a prescription from a licensed doctor or a medical professional qualified to prescribe cannabis-based medications. Additionally, individuals seeking medical cannabis must obtain a Medical Marijuana Card from the Ministry of Public Health.

Thailand’s medical cannabis program covers various medical conditions, such as chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and side effects of chemotherapy. However, strict controls and monitoring are in place to prevent abuse and ensure patient safety.

Penalties for Recreational Use: While Thailand has taken steps towards medical cannabis legalization, the recreational use of cannabis remains illegal and is subject to strict penalties. Possession, sale, and trafficking of cannabis for non-medical purposes can lead to severe legal consequences, including imprisonment and fines.

Cannabis in Phitsanulok:

Phitsanulok is a province in northern Thailand, and it follows the country’s national cannabis laws. This means that the medical use of cannabis, with appropriate prescriptions and licenses, is permitted in the province. However, the recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in Phitsanulok, as it does throughout Thailand.

Like in other provinces, individuals in Phitsanulok seeking to use medical cannabis must follow the prescribed legal procedures, including obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card and adhering to the regulations set by the Ministry of Public Health.


Cannabis law in Phitsanulok Thailand, had legalized medical cannabis, allowing for its controlled use for medical purposes. However, recreational use remained illegal, with penalties for possession, sale, or trafficking. The province of Phitsanulok follows the national cannabis laws, permitting medical cannabis use for qualified patients under specific regulations. However, please remember that laws can change, and it’s essential to verify the most current information from official sources or legal professionals if you’re inquiring about cannabis laws in Phitsanulok or anywhere else in Thailand



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