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Homedispensary licenseHow to get a dispensary license in Montana (USA)

How to get a dispensary license in Montana (USA)

A marijuana dispensary in Montana, you’ll need to follow a specific set of steps to obtain a license. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements: To be eligible for a dispensary license in Montana, you must be at least 21 years old and a Montana resident for at least one year. Additionally, you cannot have any felony convictions or drug-related misdemeanor convictions on your record.
  2. Obtain a business license: Before you can apply for a dispensary license, you’ll need to obtain a business license from the Montana Secretary of State. This will require you to register your business and pay any applicable fees.
  3. Find a suitable location: You’ll need to find a location for your dispensary that meets state and local zoning requirements. This may include obtaining a permit or zoning variance from your local government.
  4. Apply for a dispensary license: Once you’ve met the eligibility requirements and obtained a business license, you can apply for a dispensary license from the Montana Department of Revenue. You’ll need to submit an application, pay a fee, and provide detailed information about your business, including your business plan, security plan, and inventory control plan.
  5. Pass a background check: As part of the application process, you and any other individuals associated with your business will need to pass a background check. This will include a fingerprint check and a review of your criminal record.
  6. Obtain local approval: In addition to obtaining a state license, you’ll need to obtain approval from your local government. This may include obtaining a permit or license from your local health department or zoning board.
  7. Obtain state approval: Once you’ve obtained local approval and your application has been reviewed by the Montana Department of Revenue, you’ll need to pass an inspection of your dispensary before you can receive your license.
  8. Renew your license: Your dispensary license will need to be renewed annually. To renew your license, you’ll need to submit a renewal application and pay a fee.


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