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Cannabis law in Manitoba (Canada)

In Manitoba, the legal framework for cannabis is governed by the federal Cannabis Act and the provincial Manitoba Cannabis Control and Licensing Act. Here are the key points to know about cannabis law in Manitoba:

  1. Legal Age: The legal age for buying and consuming cannabis in Manitoba is 19 years old. It is illegal to sell cannabis to anyone under the legal age, and there are penalties for doing so.
  2. Purchase Limits: The maximum amount of cannabis that an individual can buy or possess in Manitoba is 30 grams (or its equivalent). This applies to both dried cannabis and cannabis oil.
  3. Consumption Restrictions: Manitoba has specific restrictions on where cannabis can be consumed. It is illegal to smoke or vape cannabis in public places, such as parks, playgrounds, and sidewalks. Additionally, it is not allowed to smoke or vape cannabis in indoor public spaces, workplaces, or vehicles. Violators can face fines up to $2,542.
  4. Growing Cannabis: In Manitoba, it is illegal to grow cannabis plants at home, regardless of the number of plants. Violators can face fines up to $10,000 and six months in jail.
  5. Distribution: Cannabis can only be purchased from licensed retail stores in Manitoba. It is illegal to buy or sell cannabis from any other source. Violators can face fines up to $50,000 and two years in jail.
  6. Transportation: Cannabis can be transported in a vehicle, but it must be stored in its original packaging and out of reach of the driver and passengers. It is illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border.
  7. Impaired Driving: Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal in Manitoba. The province has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21 years old and for those who hold a graduated driver’s license. Drivers found to be impaired by cannabis can face fines, license suspensions, and even jail time.
  8. Workplace Policies: Employers in Manitoba have the right to set their policies on cannabis use by employees. They can prohibit cannabis use entirely or establish specific rules around consumption, possession, and impairment in the workplace.
  9. Medical Cannabis: Patients who have a valid prescription for medical cannabis can purchase it from licensed retailers or grow it at home. However, the same restrictions around consumption, transportation, and distribution apply.

Cannabis laws in Manitoba aim to regulate the use and distribution of cannabis in the province. Violators of these laws can face significant fines, license suspensions, and even jail time. It is essential for individuals to understand these laws and follow them to avoid penalties.



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